Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i love my life and im happy to be the real me.

take the chance & grab it if you can!

this is my favourate part during annual camp

hahaha.. manjakan diri dgn bedak sejuk semulajadi

norlaila n me. harapan wanita hehehe

focus! then u'll get ur target

my batch 05/08. miz u guyz!
Leftenan Muda Ladyyanna Darlynski PSSTUDM


have a drink ya

we are RMAF! reserved officers, never cheat never lie & never tolerate among us, once who does it!!


Anonymous said...

smartnye pkai uniform...ada kelas gitu...

lady darlynski said...

thanks ya!

lotusgirl said...

hello darlyn! what r u going to do wif ur leftenan muda ha? come on la do something wif ur talent. join U'ull la apply GO. captain in the making!